Welcome to AutoFoil Car Wrapping Technology

June 1st, 2012 by: Neil

AutoFoil is the leading car wraps (AutoFoil) installer and supplier in the Philippines, particularly in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu.

AutoFoil uses high- grade car wrapping film specifically designed to wrap cars. These wraps are not ordinary stickers or decals. Our car wrapping films are not permanent and won’t hurt your ORIGINAL paint. In fact, automotive wraps protect and preserve your paint from ultra-violet light, sand, stones, insects, bird droppings and other elements ; Hence, keeping the value of your car and even turn your vehicle into an exceptional masterpiece.

Think of your wrap like protective skin for your car that also has the side effect of heads turning for its beauty and exclusivity. Our automotive wraps come in an array of colors from matte to glossy, metallic, chameleon, camouflage and animal themed skin.

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