About Us

May 29th, 2012 by: Neil


AutoFoil is the leading vinyl car wraps (AutoFoil) installer and supplier in the Philippines. Our Main Office/Shop is located in Banawe Street, Quezon City. We had recently opened our second brand in the Capitol Site area of Cebu City.

Our Services

  • Car Foiling/Wrapping Installation
  • AutoFoil Supplies such as vinyl wraps, films and other wrapping tools and equipments.



Car Foiling wide range of color film and textures. From matte to glossy, metallic, chameleon, camouflage, animal themed skin and most specially the Carbon Fiber (Fibre) textured vinyl films.


Our wraps or films are made of vinyl materials. Our car wrapping films that are so high end that the finish is indistinguishable from a painted surface, this has allowed car wraps to become a real choice to changing a vehicles colour and appearance.


A vinyl vehicle wrap/film normally lasts for three to four years. Usually factory painted vehicles are completely safe for vinyl wraps and films. However unbaked non-factory paint job is more prone to damage for removing an older car wraps. We suggests, wraps should be removed every 3 years.
We give One (1) Year warranty to our customer in case unintentional peeling of wraps. The warranty is void or not applicable on car accident or intentional peeling of wraps.